Laser Foot Treatment

We can provide laser treatment for the following conditions:

Warts – The skin is so thick on the bottom of the feet that simple freezing of warts rarely works. Laser treatment minimizes bleeding and the need for sutures, thereby reducing post-op pain since sutures can be painful to walk on.

Foot burning, numbness, tingling – A relatively new technique using the laser that is not approved nor covered by insurance for treating these neuropathy symptoms is available at our office. These neuropathy laser treatments are paid for in advance at the day of the procedure by cash, check, or credit. Your office visit fee (prior to scheduling the neuropathy laser treatment) is submitted to insurance, and depending on your insurance policy, may be covered.) Depending on the degree of your neuropathy symptoms I will discuss usual treatments options, including capsaicin cream, Metanx, alpha lipoic acid, gabapentin, etc. in addition to the option of non-covered laser treatments for the neuropathy.

Fungal toenails – Many antifungal treatments are advertised. Are you frustrated from the lack of success with these treatments?
There are 4 actions you should have done to increase treatment success.

  1. Grind off all fungal nail matter.
  2. Heat the nail with a laser to 42 degrees C (performed with the Laser, $49 for one nail, $125 for 2-5 nails, $200 for 6-10 toenails. Cash, check, credit card. Not covered by insurance)
  3. Avoid shoe trauma to the nail.
  4. Treat with an effective topical antifungal oil for one year. (I provide Formula 3 which is an oil, not a polish. No waiting for it to dry. No build up on the nail surface. Absorbs well into the nail.)

Unsightly skin lesions on the feet and ankles – Treatment of skin lesions without the suspicion or risk of skin cancer or of repeated irritation and not causing pain are generally NOT covered by insurance. Treatment of such lesions usually is considered to be ‘cosmetic’ and not covered. After an initial office evaluation (which may be covered by insurance depending on your policy) these lesions can be destroyed using the laser method.

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